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Catherina (Trina) Marcroft

Compliance/Office Manager

Trina started working in the care sector at age 16. Before joining 4Health in 2022, her recent roles were manager of the Dental Department at the General Hospital, clinical lead for the Airport drive-through and Arrivals Covid testing centres.

Her role at 4Health is to manage the amazing team as well as supporting and empowering clients to fulfil their goal of continuing to live in their own homes, as independently as possible.

Caring for the elderly or anyone who needs additional support in everyday life is hugely satisfying and rewarding. Every day you make a difference to someone's quality of life, supporting them to continue living in their own home, independently.

It is often a fast-paced and changing environment, but, at the end of each day, you know you have made someone feel better, more comfortable, listened to and not ignored. You're appreciated.

Trina is from a large Irish family of 10 children, and is married with two sons, a stepson and 2 step grandsons. Her hobbies include entertaining, travelling and decorating.